Scouts & Guides


Age: 6-8 years old, open to Boys & Girls. Beavers usually meet once a week at the Beaver Scout Colony. They have fun taking part in various indoor and outdoor activities together.


Age: 8-10 1/2 years old, open to Boys & Girls. Cubs are able to try lots of different activities including exploring, playing music and a variety of sports and when they are done properly a badge can be awarded. This can be worn on the uniform. Cubs also enjoy organised trips away.


Age: 10 1/2-14 years old, open to Boys & Girls. Participation is the focus for scouts, in both indoor and outdoor activities which challenge and develop their abilities both physically and creatively. Outdoor activities are more advanced than Cubs and can be as exciting as yachting, abseiling or camping.

Explorer Scouts

Age: 14-18 years old, open to Boys & Girls. Explores decide within their group what activities they want to take part in, this can range from power boating, hiking, socialising or even going abroad. Badges are achievable at Explorers and are now recognised by many employers as a sign of reliability and dedication.

Air & Sea Scouts

Age: 10 1/2-14 years old, open to Boys & Girls. Air & Sea Scouts are part of the main Scouts section and are involved in many of the same indoor and outdoor adventures however the emphasis is on Air & Sea based activities such as gliding, kite making and canal boat expeditions.


Age: 7-10 years old, open to Girls only. Each Brownie belongs to a pack, this being the name for the whole group. Within that group/ pack they are broken in to smaller groups called sixes. Brownie meetings are usually once a week and are packed with challenging activities as well as fun games.


Age: 10-14 years old, open to Girls only. Guides are encouraged to learn new skills as well as develop current ones by earning badges, this also helps them to achieve some of their personal goals.


Age: 5-7 years old, open to Girls only. Rainbow meetings involve games and activities designed to encourage the girls to think individually as well as play and work together as as part of a team.


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